Introducing: Explorations

February 07, 2014

One of my New Years resolutions was to give myself more time and opportunities to do more creative/fun work. In between straight crafting, fulfilling orders, and all the other admin work that goes into running a small company, I found myself really missing the whole creative process and missing the creative freedom to stray from what's pictured or offered in our staple collection. We consider ourselves very much of a craft/design house rather than a regular brand that creates seasonal and/or fixed lines. So in that spirit, we've deemed Fridays "Friday Funday" in the studio which I'm hoping will essentially be the field that we sow our little ideas that just might sprout and grow into Explorations projects or even pieces that might find their way into our staple collection. What if we have a crazy idea to make leather wall clocks? Let's try it!

Friday Funday and the Explorations projects will also allow us the creative freedom to do some fun deviations and mods to our existing projects. Maybe we wanna make a two-tone Dopp Kit? Or maybe make some Key Clips with brass hardware? Why not?! 

2014 is gonna be a fun one. Woo!