Natural Indigo Dyeing Round 4

May 05, 2014

Sorry for the long wait for this post. We have a long list of extremely valid excuses for being bad at keeping on top of blog posts. Anyways here are a few photos from Round 4 of the indigo madness. As you can see it's quite the messy process and there are a lot of steps involved for the final products to emerge.

Here's a very rough sequence for the minimalist:

1) Cut out leather

2) Make wallet

3) Make indigo bath

4) First dip

5) Dry

6) Second Dip

7) Dry

8) Third Dip

9) Dry

10) Wipe off excess magical indigo dust

11) Oil & seal Indigo

12) Burnish edges

13) Polish edges

14) Post results on Instagram

15) Wait patiently for orders