Behind the Design | Teardrop

September 11, 2014

We first started talking about making a clamshell about a month after I came on board; A super simple pack with a zip opening, a zipped front compartment, padded back, and cushy straps.

We wanted the pack to be of a tear drop shape but something different from what's out there already. Something a bit more architectural/geometric.

This was proto one.

The webbing system on the strap made it too military so with the final proto we swapped to leather which is super cool since we've never seen it before.

We also went with a less obtrusive grab handle. Functionally it's more comfortable and when seen from the front the pack looks cleaner without a loopy thing sticking out the top.

We got really confident doing welt zips while working on the Venture so we decided to slap one on the Teardrop. One of the coolest features is that the zip is angled so it opens like a giant frog mouth, which means it's easier to get to your stuff.

This is proto three, the final thing. The front pocket on proto one didn't look quite right. For functionality, we made it a vertical zip so the pocket can be accessed without taking off the pack. We slapped a welt zip in there as well since welts are so rad. Adding some depth to the pocket further increased functionality and it's architectural silhouette.

Here's the backside of proto three. You can click over to checkout proto two that we Exploration-ed, but the only different between two and three is that number three has two zipper pulls on the front pocket, leather on the shoulder straps, and the bottom leather panel is half an inch higher. It's the little things that count. We super proud of this pack and it's insane that we were able to pull it off from ideation to final creation in the span of 5 days.