Canvas Launch/Press (+Tangent)

September 29, 2014

We finally did it. What started out as a few Explorations into the realm of cloth goods has blossomed into a full collection that's been integrated into our line of staple products. I couldn't be happier with it all. Many discussions were had, many obstacles, frustrations, and eventually triumphs were had, and James and I burned the midnight oil many a night to get this collection dialed in, but I really feel like all the hard work was worth it. The root of my leathercraft interest more or less started with sewing cloth, so it's neat to have come full circle. 

Actually, let me back up a little bit here. Considering how we normally work, it might've took a long time to get this collection dialed, but if you pit it against a more standard model, it really didn't take that long at all. In fact, it was impossibly fast (comparatively), considering we grafted an entirely new branch onto our proverbial tree. We are typically able to go from concept to creation to live product in a super condensed amount of time, which is truly one of the great beauties of designing, prototyping, testing, and producing products under one roof, and within a small team (in our case, two). In Malcolm Gladwell's book The Turning Point, he details the work ethos of Gore Industries (Goretex), pointing out how they keep a small team (150) under one roof, and how the intimate communication between different departments is key to their success as an innovative and cutting-edge company. The small and integrated working environment is irrefutably important to how we function here, especially considering the same two people are responsible for all parts of the creative process. Uhh, whoa tangent...

So anyway, we also have been super fortunate to have picked up a lot of mentions around the interwebs, and we've thrown a few of the highlights up in the Press section of our site. Click over to read what people are saying about it all.