Ísland Lookbook & Video

February 16, 2015

We recently had the opportunity to send some of our products to Iceland with super talented photographer, Evan Perigo. The results are nothing short of breath-taking and we are extremely excited about it all.



The song in the video is the last snippet of Myrrhman, by Talk Talk, which happens to be the first song on one of my favorite records of all time, Laughing Stock. The song takes a left turn and breaks into that string section after about 5 mins of sparse, free-form, ambient jazzy sort of stuff. I was listening to the record as I was watching the edit and that section of the song just happened to start and end perfectly with the edit. It was too perfect—we had to use it. 

Anyhow, huge shoutout to Evan for coming through with these amazing images. You can check out more of his work at www.evanperigo.com. You can also find him on Instagram and other social media platforms - @evanperigo.