New | English Tan Wallets

March 07, 2015

I'm not sure what took us so long to offer our wallets in English Tan as we've been using it for our bags for quite some time now, but at long last, we've officially made it available in all it's rich, full grain, pull-up-y, character packed goodness.

English Tan is a Dublin leather from Horween, which starts out with a veg tan base—the same recipe they use for their ultra-high-end Shell Cordovan—and get's a hot stuffing of oils and waxes. Hot stuffing is a process where the hides are put in a giant wooden barrel with a bunch of waxes and oils and heated, thus impregnating the leather, giving it water repellency as well as a gorgeous pull-up. Pull-up refers to the temporary discoloration of the leather when stretched or creased due to the waxes/oils separating, accounting for a somewhat "distressed" look, as people tend to refer to it as. This is found in some of our other leathers as well; namely, Chromexcel. 

English Tan has an incredibly pleasing hand that's a bit hard to describe; it has a buttery suppleness, yet holds it's structure without being soft or floppy. Just look at that beautiful grain and incredible texture!

Another thing that I really like about English Tan is that because of it's veg tan base, there's a lot of evolution and patina that happens as it ages. No doubt these wallets will only get better with time. 

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