Introducing | Teranishi Subscription

April 14, 2015

We quietly added a quarterly subscription service over the Holidays and now that we just sent out our first installment, we figured it was time to talk about it some. It was definitely a wild off-the-cuff idea (probably cooked up in the shower, i.e. my thinking tank); one of those, "Hmm...I wonder if that could work..." things. We kept fairly quiet about it because, whelp, we weren't 100% sure what it was going to look like.

The guidelines were fairly simple: A new, unreleased product delivered every quarter for one year. This serves several purposes: First, you (the customer) receive four exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces per year at a lower, early adopter type price. Second, it's a wonderful creative outlet for us. We sent out a brief, but fairly comprehensive questionnaire to each subscriber, allowing us to tailor the pieces we design and make to the specific subscriber pool. This creates a great creative challenge and something to springboard off. Lastly, and admittedly rather selfishly, it gives us a chance to receive feedback on pieces on a more personal level, allowing us to attempt things we may not normally have the leeway to try. So, we went big with the first one and tried our first hand at footwear: simple leather house slippers. 

Below are some snaps from the production run.

More on the slippers in the next post!