Last Words | Anthony

June 12, 2015


Name: Anthony Hagen 

Position at Teranishi: Jack of All Trades


Last thing you drank: Coffee

Last song you listened to: Sunshine on my back - The National

Last record you were inspired by: Sound and Color - Alabama Shakes

Last thing you bought from Thriftway: Juanitas Tortilla Chips

Last major purchase: 1970 Honda SL350

Last time you felt flummoxed: An insta video of Garrett Hill doing a front foot impossible (the trick name speaks for itself)

Last meal you ate: Pork burrito from Thriftway (where they don't charge extra for guacamole)

Last thing that got you psyched on design: An outdoor light fixture at the north end light house keeper's cabin in Cape of Disappointment Park

Last trip: Surf trip out to Westport, WA

Last time you were abroad: Went to Poland and Finland last summer, best man duties called.

Last read: How to know God - Deepak Chopra

Last time you said "Meh, whatever": Attaching a new tail light to my motorcycle with one shoddy bolt

Last time you cringed: A scene in one of the early Office episodes (re-watching) where Jim oversteps in his flirtation with Pam.

Last piece of good advice you heard: If you dont like something change it; if you cant change it, change the way you think about it.

 (Yes, we stole this idea from Transworld)