Last Words | Michael

June 05, 2015

I stole this idea from Transworld Skateboarding mag. I figured it would be a fun/quick way to get to know the rest of the Teranishi team and these often tell as much (if not more) about someone than a standard interview.

Name: Michael Armendariz

Position at Teranishi: Logistics manager/customer service/social media


Last place of residence before Vashon: Highland Park (LA)

Last thing you drank: Jasmine tea

Last song you listened to: Stranger in the dark by Faces On Film

Last record you were inspired by: …And the war came by Shakey Graves

Last thing you bought from Thriftway: 12 pack of Olympia

Last major purchase: 1959 Ironhead, straight boolin'

Last time you felt flummoxed: Last night when I was fixing the shifter on my hog

Last meal you ate: Chinese

Last thing that got you psyched on design: My best friends home

Last trip: Drove 1,200 miles home to LA/OC and drove all the way back up with my pup

Last time you were abroad: In my dreams…or when I was watching Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown...

Last read: Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers.

Last time you said "Meh, whatever”: When I chose what to play on Spotify

Last time you cringed: I can’t talk about it or else I’ll lose my mind

Last piece of good advice you heard: Life's a garden, dig it

Last time you considered dropping everything and becoming a hand model: After I was told I would never make it as body builder. sucks to suck