Father's Day Collection

June 14, 2015

We're carrying on our theme of DIY projects for Father's Day with this fun little Sling Shot Kit. Being a father (of three) myself, I know firsthand that one of the most fulfilling things is to be afforded the opportunity to sit down with your kids and have some focused quality time working on a project together. It's these moments that really stick with both father and child—the passing of knowledge, the acknowledgments, the shared sense of gratification with a job well done. So anyway, here's our nod to father's worldwide. It's our hope these kits bring some quality time to your family.

The other special product we're releasing for Father's Day is the Conway Belt. Belts are one of our biggest requests so we're decided this was a good excuse to do a small run. It's not anything groundbreaking but it's certainly one of our favorite belt styles and we're pleased to be offering it in a beautiful Tan English Bridle that will undoubtedly age wonderfully.

Happy Father's Day!


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