September 29, 2015



We were invited to be a part of Pop Up Flea's very first event in California- September 18th-20th. The event was held at The Grove in Los Angeles along with some really great brands/friends - 3sixteen, counter-space, Ursa Major, Lady White Co., Alex Crane, Jungmaven, Corridor and more. It was a 3 day event on the top parking structure...yes, it was hot, yes, we had a blast and yes, we would do it again. We had some friends and peeps roll through showing off their Teranishi pieces which was really great. Thank's to everyone that came out! Did I forget to mention the food? Prova Pizzeria, The Church Key, Sao Acai, and others I'm not remembering at the moment...sadly, we didn't get to try everything. 

Big Thank's to Michael, Jamie, the whole crew at PUF and The Grove for having us. Rad people making rad things happen.

Until next time!


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