Hinge pack

October 30, 2015

It started with a late night "Friday Funday" session. I had an idea to try a pack that had a hinged box-like opening. The original idea was for it to be zipper-less. We tried using just a couple snaps but that didn't work out—duh (you have to try to know for sure, right?). It looked great but as soon as any weight was put into the pack, it pulled funky. We spiraled into a brainstorming whirlpool with all kinds of overly complicated solutions but settled on adding a zip in the end.

The second iteration saw the light as an Explorations piece. We did a small batch again with a limited natural canvas colorway. After some more field testing, we decided that the storm flap was causing problems with the hinge opening. Cue another spiral into the brainstorming pit of death and voila—we now have a dual storm flap that allows the hinge to open unencumbered.

Design-wise, we wanted to play off the Teardrop's geometric silhouette but strip it way down. We chose to keep the functionality simple as well with just one main pocket. The diagonal hinged opening works well with this setup because it allows for good visibility and access to everything in the pack all the way down to the bottom. We're rather chuffed with the final result.

Photos by Chloe Gilstrap