Pretenders or Chicken Tenders?

November 13, 2015

All three of us here happen to ride and all have a penchant for vintage bikes so the studio is often filled with moto-discussion. I came across a guy on the island over the summer that was liquidating his entire stash of little vintage Hondas complete with lots of random spare parts. He wanted every nut and bolt gone. I gladly obliged. Mostly small single cylinder guys but the cream of the crop was an ultra ratty, cafe'd, been-stored-outside-but-in-restorable-condition CL360. We promptly had it fired up and running along with a CB125 (the two most complete bikes of the stash). They got some ride time over the summer but now that we are thoroughly in wet season here in the NW, it was time to tear the 360 down and start our winter projects. We currently have that, along with Anthony's SL350 torn down, ready to start their rebuild.

Looks like our winter will look like studio time in the day/garage time at night. STOKED.