Nº 2 • Indigo dyeing

October 08, 2012

The second batch of indigo products just went up in the store so I thought I would share some snaps of the process.  

I stuck exclusively with Chromexcel this time, with the exception of some gradient-dyed natural veg tan pieces.  This process is still highly experimental and I'm learning things every time, but this batch came out really great and I'm very happy with all the pieces.  It's an incredibly labor intensive process but the beauty and depth of the natural indigo is unmatched and well worth the effort.  Available in limited quantities!


Pieces right after they come out of the indigo vat.  Notice the yellow color of the dye oxidizing and turning into that familiar beautiful indigo blue.  


Un-dyed linen thread waiting to go into the vat.


Linen thread after several dunks in the vat.


Hand-waxing the thread with beeswax.



Detail of waxed (closest) and unwaxed thread.


Stitching a Tuck Wallet.  Paper towel to keep the stitching pony from turning blue.


Finished products!  Pick them up here.