Buaisou X Teranishi | Methodology

February 17, 2016

 Better late than never!

We thought it would be neat to post some photos of our trip to NYC for PUF since we stopped by the Buaisou studio in Brooklyn. 

I'll do my best not to obliterate this post with my horrible grammar...

The resist dying is done with some wood blocks and clamps , usually 2-3 at a time. 

You can see the variations of indigo dyed blocks. The darker the older, the lighter the newer. What's mind blowing is that the natural indigo is so strong that the metal from the clamps will actually take on the dye... whoa.

This is their giant vat of indigo. Roughly 10 gallons. 

When dipping the pieces in the vat they begin to massage the indigo into the leather.

After the first dip the piece is taken out and placed in a tub to remove the clamps and then place in another position. Once re-positioned, the piece is submerged in the vat and massaged again. The process is repeated a few times until the boro appearance is clear.

Once the dyeing process is done the pieces are laid out to dry.

Once we get our hands on the cuts we begin cutting, punching, glueing, stitching and all that good stuff to complete the process.

It was a fun experiment but also a pain in the ass. Overall, we are thrilled how the collection turned out.


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