Teranishi Studio V5

July 10, 2020

Studio V1 - Garage, Vashon, WA

Studio V2 - Shared studio space, Vashon, WA

Studio V2.1 - Expanded studio space, Vashon, WA

Studio V2.2 - Even more expanded, Vashon, WA

Studio V2.3 - Practically the whole studio space, Vashon, WA

Studio V3 - Pared back down to garage, Santa Ana, CA

Studio V4 - Barn/garage, Silverado, CA

Studio V5 - Garage, Tustin, CA

Exactly a month after packing up the studio and over $2.5k in electrical work, the 5th location(!) of Teranishi Studio is a go. It ain't the prettiest iteration but it's functioning, and I plan to clean up the aesthetics slowly but surely. Very thankful just to have a place to do this and stoked to get working in this new space.