Face Mask FAQ

Will these masks fog my glasses?

With this latest run, we improved the nose piece by reducing the bulk at the seam that sits on the bridge of your nose. This not only makes it more comfortable, but also allows the fabric to drape over your nose a little better, which accounts for a better fit. As long as you wear your glasses over the nosepiece, we found that the weight of the glasses was enough to cinch the nosepiece down to keep glasses from fogging. Of course, YMMV, but this has consistently been the case for us.

Which side is up?

The side with the top stitch! The top stitch folds the nosepiece down to create a sort of gusset that helps float the mask off your face a bit, which to us, is one of the hallmarks of its comfort (see product photos for reference). That being said, faces are vastly different so wear it however you feel fits you best! We've even tried it inside out.

Why no metal nose adjuster?

We tried metal noise strips in the prototyping process and found that the masks were much more comfortable without them. We also found that the metal can snap and break if stressed or bent too many times. Ultimately, we actually found the mask to function better without it thanks to the way the nosepiece is constructed/fitted (see the answer to Will these masks fog my glasses for more on this).

Do you offer multiple sizes?

Sorry, but not at this time. We took all the feedback we received from the first run and worked hard on tailoring the size and pattern to fit a variety of faces. To ensure a good fit for a majority of people, this mask is best suited for folks with small to average sized heads/faces.

How should I wash my mask?

Wash cold/delicate and hang dry.

What filters fit in the mask?

To our understanding, all PM 2.5 filters are around the same size and should fit well. Here’s a link to the exact filters we ordered to test in our masks.