Day Pack | Chocolate


This pack was born out of the desire to create a straight-forward no-nonsense backpack with an emphasis on efficient design. The zipper is built into the seam, allowing the front of the pack to fold back for superior access to the pack's contents, while the slight teardrop shape allows the pack to be packed from top to bottom—staying organized without everything falling to the bottom. Considered details like padded back and shoulder straps, pull tabs and leather accents ensure comfort and ease of use.   

  • Single compartment with large easy-access zippered opening
  • Padded back and straps
  • English Bridle leather accents
  • Fully bound interior seams
  • Approx 11.75"W x 18.5"H x 5.5"D at the base, tapering slightly towards the top
  • 10.10 oz water repellent army duck canvas
  • Premium grade Superlampo zippers
  • English Bridle leather
  • Natural cotton webbing
  • Closed cell foam
  • Corespun cotton thread

Great care has been taken to source and use as much natural, biodegradable materials as possible, with around 98% of all external material (everything but the zipper tape) and over 80% of all material used being biodegradable (If you know of any good foam alternatives, please let us know!). 

Water Repellent Cotton Canvas

Specially treated canvas without the use of fluoropolymers. Hardy treatment that's fully impregnated as opposed to surface treated.

"We do not use any fluoropolymers in any of our fabrics due to health and environmental reasons. Others brands of water repellent fabrics do use fluoropolymers, which are typically a surface applied treatment only that will decompose over time when exposed to water and certain chemicals– this means that with age a reapplication would be necessary, hence the availability of these over the counter retreatment options. Our water repellent is fully impregnated throughout and is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to remove from the fabric once applied."

Superlampo Zippers

Made in Italy to the finest standards. Premium symmetrical Superlampo tank zips feature individually polished teeth for exceptionally smooth operation.

English Bridle

English bridle leather is a vegetable tanned leather that has been drum dyed and hot stuffed with waxes and tallows. This creates a rugged yet beautiful leather with water resistant qualities. English bridle has a smooth and slightly waxy hand that breaks in beautifully and grows more supple with use. Truly a leather that only gets better with age.

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