Dowel Bag


Simple and utilitarian everyday bag.

Offset and stacked wood dowels offer stability, a simple self-closure system, and in-hand or over-the-shoulder carry. Ample room for daily essentials, with a small phone pocket and D-ring for your key clip.

  • 10.10oz water repellent canvas
  • 5oz leather bottom
  • Single 9oz leather handle for over-the-shoulder carry
  • Small interior pocket for phone, etc with D-ring
  • Cotton twill bound interior seams
  • Approx 15.25" x 15.25" x 5.75" (≈ 22 L)
Water Repellent Cotton Canvas

Specially treated canvas without the use of fluoropolymers. Hardy treatment that's fully impregnated as opposed to surface treated.

"We do not use any fluoropolymers in any of our fabrics due to health and environmental reasons. Others brands of water repellent fabrics do use fluoropolymers, which are typically a surface applied treatment only that will decompose over time when exposed to water and certain chemicals– this means that with age a reapplication would be necessary, hence the availability of these over the counter retreatment options. Our water repellent is fully impregnated throughout and is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to remove from the fabric once applied."

Natural Veg Tan Leather

Vegetable Tanned Leather (Veg Tan, Bark Tan) - Refers to leather that has been tanned using tannin and other ingredients found in tree bark and other vegetable matter. This method of tanning has been in existence for thousands of years. Left un-dyed (natural), this leather will age in color dramatically, specific to it's owner's use. This makes for a very personal product that will evolve along with you. Natural veg tan leather darkens with exposure to sun, natural oils (animal oils applied to condition, oil from your hands, etc), and water.

Our Natural Veg comes from the Hermann Oak Tannery in St.Louis, MO.

SB Foot Leather

Made in Red Wing, Minnesota for the shoes and boots made after the town's namesake. Chrome tanned, giving it better water repellency and a softer hand.

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