Father's Day Special | DIY Sling Shot Kit

A continuation of our theme from last year of DIY projects for Father's Day; because quality time spent with his children is without a doubt one of the best gifts you can give a father (and sling shots are forever awesome, no matter what age). 

Kit comes with leather, tubing, thread, and needle. *Stick not included (going out to forage for the perfect stick is half the fun!) Directions will be emailed to the email provided on the order. Limited stock.

Stick recommendations: Stick should be sturdy; test to make sure it's not dry/brittle. Prongs should be around 3/4" in diameter for the leather to fit properly. Notching the points where the leather wraps around will help keep sling in place. A deep and wide "V" is recommended (unlike dad's T-shirt).

Disclaimer: Kit is meant as a build project only. We will not be held liable for any use beyond the build. Improper use may result in serious injury or property damage.

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