• Simple and practical, this portfolio can be used to store your laptop, books, papers, or whatever else you want to carry around. It's wraparound strap creates a perfect tuck-and-go system to stash newspapers, notepads, etc.

    • Standard size fits up to a 13" Macbook Pro 
    • Standard Portofolio Dimensions - 14.75" x 9.5"
    • Large size fits up to a 15" Macbook Pro
    • Large Portfolio Dimensions - 15.75" x  9.75"
    • Nickel button stud closure for quick, no-fuss, secure closure
    • Wraparound strap creates a simple tuck-and-go system for magazines, newspapers, etc
    • Cut, stitched, burnished and finished all exclusively by hand
    • Edges hand-dyed and burnished with beeswax
    • Constructed from domestically produced leathers
    • Bench-made in USA

    Please contact us if you have any questions about sizing and fit. For bespoke orders, please choose “bespoke” from the drop down menu and contact us to start a dialogue.

    Developed and produced exclusively by world renowned tannery Horween (Chicago), richly touted as a beautiful, well-aging leather, with an incredibly soft and buttery hand. From Horween: "Chromexcel is the original pull-up leather; using time honored techniques and formulas that were developed nearly 100 years ago. Chromexcel is still produced in the United States using a bark retannage from a proprietary recipe, and then genuine hot stuffed with our secret blend of natural oils and greases. Chromexcel is characterized by a rich pull-up in full aniline, hand rubbed finishes. Made to this day with old world craftsmanship, modern Chromexcel carries on a long history of superior comfort and durability."

    Vegetable Tanned Leather (Veg Tan, Bark Tan) - Refers to leather that has been tanned using tannin and other ingredients found in tree bark and other vegetable matter. This method of tanning has been in existence for thousands of years. Left un-dyed (natural), this leather will age in color dramatically, specific to it's owner's use. This makes for a very personal product that will evolve along with you. Natural veg tan leather darkens with exposure to sun, natural oils (animal oils applied to condition, oil from your hands, etc), and water.


    English bridle leather is a vegetable tanned leather that has been drum dyed and hot stuffed with waxes and tallows.  This creates a rugged yet beautiful leather with water resistant qualities.  English bridle has a smooth and slightly waxy hand that breaks in beautifully and grows more supple with use.  Truly a leather that only gets better with age.

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