Stitchless Minimalist | Chestnut


Super clean; ultra-minimal. Experimental glue-only version of our Minimalist. See this post for the genesis of this idea.

  • Main billfold pocket
  • Two card slots
  • 5 oz Chestnut English Bridle
  • Burnished and finished edges
  • Hand stitched with Ritza 25 "Tiger" thread
  • Approx 4 1/8” x 3 1/4” folded

Note: We stand behind the product and it's durability, yet we acknowledge that this is still an experimental project. We are happy to offer free repairs for the practical lifetime of the product, should it be needed. If you try to pull your wallet apart, there's a good chance it will come apart, but we are counting on our customers not attempting to deconstruct their wallets...duh.



English bridle leather is a vegetable tanned leather that has been drum dyed and hot stuffed with waxes and tallows. This creates a rugged yet beautiful leather with water resistant qualities. English bridle has a smooth and slightly waxy hand that breaks in beautifully and grows more supple with use. Truly a leather that only gets better with age.

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