• I traveled a lot as a musician for well over 10 years. Flying around the world, crisscrossing the North American continent countless times, and racking more hours in airports than I care to think about, left me with a pretty clear idea of what a solid, well-considered pack would look like. This is essentially the culmination of all those years of on-the-ground research. Meant to be a flexible, simple, comfortable, and hardy companion in basically any scenario, weather, or terrain. Waxed canvas outer, floating Cordura lining, and a flexible roll top closure, for a weatherproof, versatile pack. Side zip for quick access to contents, padded laptop sleeve, and leather detailing.

    See "Details" tab for more info.
    • 10.10 oz waxed canvas
    • Floating 1000 denier coated nylon Cordura liner
    • Roll top closure:

      Expandable triglide leather straps and snap closure for quick fasten/unfasten

      Straps double as stash point for jackets, towels, blankets, etc.

      Folds in for open, tote style top

    • 9 oz full grain English Bridle ergonomic leather straps
    • Powder coated mil-spec strap adjusters with mil-spec webbing for quick adjustment
    • English Bridle leather bottom + accents
    • Padded laptop sleeve with access from side or top; fits up to 15" notebook
    • Padded back with closed cell XPE foam
    • Non-exposed welt construction side access zip
    • Map pocket style front pocket and vertical stash pocket with hidden snap closure
    • Premium Italian Lanfranchi Superlampo™ zips
    • Side pocket
    • Non-obtrusive grab handle
    • Approx 11"W x 19"H x 4.5"D rolled down
    • 940 CU-IN/15.4L rolled down

    Cotton canvas that features a waxed finish that has been impregnated into the fabric, resulting in a natural, water-resistant fabric. Historically speaking, waxed canvas is an evolution of oiled sailcloth, which was the result of fishermen observing the fact that wet sails are more efficient than dry sails. Capes were made out of the remnants, resulting in an archetypical waxed slicker.

    Our packs are made from Martexin, a proprietary waxed cotton canvas from Martin Dyeing & Finishing Co (est 1838).


    English bridle leather is a vegetable tanned leather that has been drum dyed and hot stuffed with waxes and tallows. This creates a rugged yet beautiful leather with water resistant qualities. English bridle has a smooth and slightly waxy hand that breaks in beautifully and grows more supple with use. Truly a leather that only gets better with age.


    Super durable, water, tear, and abrasion resistant, Cordura has been the go-to choice for serious hiking and expedition packs since the 70's. Originally developed in 1929 by the DuPont company as a type of rayon, and used extensively in military tires during WWII. In 1967, the product was switched over to nylon after testing proved the new formulations with nylon to be highly superior. Cordura features a polyurethane coating on the backside for improved water resistance.

    Cordura is measured in denier (d). The higher the denier, the heavier the fabric. 1000d, the weight used on our packs, is the industry standard for backpacks and luggage.

    Superlampo Zips

    Ubiquitously recognized as one of the best zipper manufacturers in the world. Made in Italy to the finest standards. Premium symmetrical Superlampo tank zips are the absolute créme de la créme of zips.

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